11 października 2023

Lavreotiki Art Project

The Lavreotiki art project is a research-oriented project, inspired by Amalia Charikiopoulou, during which twelve artists and professionals of contemporary art were invited to discover the cultural heritage of Lavreotiki. In the frame of the project, the participants were encouraged to explore, interpret and perform through their personal point of view the natural and cultural, the tangible and intangible landscape of Lavreotiki. The research was based on personal expeditions and three thematic daily field trips organized by local stakeholders such as the Lavrion Technological Cultural Park (Lavrion Technological Cultural Park), the Lavrion Environmental Education Center and the Lavrion Scientific Society. The LTCP as a partner of this initiative hosted the exhibition in the conference hall “Floatation Building” from September the 1st to 10th. The exhibition entitled “The Land of Lavreotiki, the echo of a distant time” presented different kinds of artworks such as photography, painting, performance, installations, sculptures and video art. During the exhibition guided tours and other parallel events were organized on-site, as well.