Kick-off meeting of the project

The kick-off meeting, commencing the project's activity, took place online on 21 March and was participated by all three partners - AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland), Espacio Tormaleo (Spain), and Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (NTUA, Greece). The main objectives of the RESTART project, as well as the major characteristics of the targeted post-mining areas, were presented.

The team from Poland presented the area of Krzemionki Podgórskie due to its wealth of historical and cultural values and the impact of limestone mining on the development of Krakow. Appropriate, coherent development of the area could encourage sustainable tourism and raise awareness of cultural heritage among the local community. 

Partners from Spain presented their post-mining area of Tormaleo in Asturias. The closure of mines in this area as a result of the energy transition has led to extreme depopulation. The project aims to promote and support an area of high natural value in order to increase the attractiveness of the area. 

Representatives of the Greek team presented the area of the Lavrio municipality, which is the most important mining and metallurgical center in Greece. The creation of the Lavrion Technological Cultural Park has increased the tourist value of the area. In addition, the presence of ancient and modern mines that have not yet been restored represents a potential for regeneration and development of the region. 

The RESTART project will run until 2026. During this time, the partner countries will pursue their intended objectives. Cyclical meetings will be organized as part of the project to establish further details of the cooperation.