05 października 2023

First Steps Towards the Liban Quarry Recovering for Culture

The Liban Quarry is a treasury of the unique heritage of the lime industry and nature derived from natural succession. Therefore, as part of the RESTART project, we plan to create a lime industry path showing the technological sequence of exploitation, processing and manufacturing of limestone, as well as the geological and natural values of the quarry. The first meeting on this matter was held on 22 September 2023, among representatives of the Urban Greenery Board (area manager), the Museum of Engineering and Technology in Krakow (Muzeum Inżynierii i Techniki w Krakowie), the Tourism Department of Municipality of Krakow and the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management (Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej i Gospodarki Zasobami AGH) - AGH University of Krakow - RESTART project leader. The meeting took the form of a walk and discussion. Tasks were identified in terms of creating a lime industry path and organizing cultural events, as well as including the Liban Quarry in the Krakow Technology Trail.